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“I get calls every single week asking who I could recommend for a membership site. Michael and Travis at Member Up are in my short list every time. They know their stuff.”

– Chris Lema, chrislema.com


“Get in line. :)”

– Jonathan Williamson, CG Cookie


“The guys at Member Up exceeded my expectations in every possible way. I would recommend them to my own mother. Seriously.”

– Chris Field, Mercy Project

From full platform development to customer retention strategy

Unlike other experts, we bring a deep understanding of what’s needed to build a content platform that scales and a membership product that sells.

Membership and Subscription Platform Concierge
Platform Migrations
Pricing and Product Strategy
Custom Design and Development
Strategy Coaching
Customer Engagement Analytics

For your business, it may make sense to go through several of these or focus just on one.

We work with businesses at varying stages of maturity

Here are some recent home run case studies to give you an idea of how we fit in.

Membership Roadmap With Video Creators


Find the right long-term platform and start making money with memberships

Tim Schmoyer at Video Creators – a training platform that guides people through the rocky paths of building a successful YouTube channel – was ready to transition in to the membership model.

Tim wanted to get his new platform right the first time and not have to:

  • Waste his own time and energy fumbling through plugins
  • Commit to the wrong platform and suffer a complex and messy migration down the road
  • Spend thousands of dollars unnecessarily by having the wrong priorities in place

How we were able to help

We kicked things off with our Membership Roadmap, which gave us a chance to talk through the business that Tim had in his head and bridge that with the technical set up that would get him there.

We packaged up a very specific game plan for how Video Creators would get from Day 0 to Launch Day with the budget that he had. The roadmap included:

  • Specific plugins recommended for delivering his “semesters” and for creating the memberships
  • Top WordPress theme options that will give him a lot of flexibility and keep things running lean on his site
  • Different pricing strategies for his offering
  • What to prioritize for the minimum viable product so as not to hit any major walls that keep him from making money off the product quickly.

What the results have been so far

Tim Schmoyer
The result for me was a membership site that serves people better, that’s easier for me to manage, and provides more revenue for my business.”

“I knew a paid membership website would be a valuable way for me to serve my audience, but what I needed to accomplish with it is a bit more unique than a standard, cookie cutter membership site.

So I reached out to the Michael & Travis at Member Up to help me cut through the overwhelming number of options. They took the time to understand my project and then provided feedback and expertise that was not only extremely valuable in knowing exactly how to move forward, but was also helpful from a strategic perspective in teaching me how I should think about my membership site.

Lead Generation With The Gem Society


Turn large volumes of traffic into an ever-growing audience for your membership product

The International Gem Society (yes, as in diamonds and rubies) offers a membership product that gives access to a massive vault of educational content for anyone looking to start a career in gemology or take a hobby to another level.

When we first met with them, IGS was getting floods of search traffic to the free articles on their site, but hardly any traction on the membership product.

How we were able to help

Starting with our Blueprint service, we diagnosed where the disconnects were in their sales process, and put together an actionable list of priorities to begin making improvements.

When we looked at all of that traffic coming in, we noticed that close to 85% of them left without doing anything else on the site and only ~2% of visitors even made it to the membership sales page at all.

What we ended up implementing together:

  • Redesigned the membership sales page and improved messaging
  • Adjusted pricing strategy
  • Created a drip email course to use as a lead magnet for the high traffic on their free articles
  • Set up the automation with MailChimp to deliver the course

What the results have been so far

Seth Rosen
“The result was a way better membership sign up process. Revenue growth this year (2015) was up well over 100% over 2014.”

“We had suspected that a shift in mix (towards the pros) would meaningfully impact revenue, but were largely undecided about the best implementation strategy.

The fresh set of eyes made a big difference, and the result was a much better set of CTAs and a way better membership sign up process. Revenue growth this year (2015) was up well over 100% over 2014. Much of that was due to the improvements you guys assisted with.”

Advanced Email Automation and Segmentation for CG Cookie


Fully automate your sales funnel in a way that is personal and relevant to where your customers are at

CG Cookie, a training platform for artists wanting to learn digital animation and game development, was looking to improve sales within their current funnel.

How we were able to help

We began by looking at how to get more first-time visitors creating a free account. From the free account, leads are then moved to a trial period for the premium membership.

In our Blueprint report, we made recommendations on how to tweak the visitor flow on the site in order to get more people making that initial connection. The report also included a plan for segmenting their automated sequences for new visitors and free trial members.

What we ended up implementing together:
After completing the Blueprint phase, they brought us on for a 3 month commitment to:

  • Help put into place the recommendations from our report
  • Proactively look at their sales process and their product to see where more growth can happen
  • Create a better tracking system around user actions and important metrics that their team can refer back to when rolling out new features or ideas
  • Brainstorm ideas on how to improve LTV for members

What the results have been so far

Jonathan Williamson
CG Cookie
“Allowing free users to mentally commit more to the product was something we had not thought of and yet has greatly increased our signup rates”

“Initially, I wasn’t really sure impact your work would have and what specific tactics you’d bring to the table. A second and third set of eyes that were unbiased to our design and past decisions was incredibly valuable. In particular, the fresh take on user introductions and lifecycle campaigns very worthwhile. It’s very easy to dig our own rut without realizing it, so a new angle was very refreshing.

The fresh input on communication and signup funnels was a favorite. Just simple things, like allowing free users to mentally commit more to the product was something we had not thought of and yet has greatly increased our signup rates.”

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