4 tips for getting people to commit to recurring payments

I got this question in my inbox recently:

How do I get people to join? People seem scared of recurring payments. That seems to be the #1 sales objection.

Depending on your focus, this can be an issue. Luckily, there are a few ways to mitigate this fear of commitment:

Aggressive guarantees
Offer a 100% no questions asked, money back guarantee. I’d suggest starting with a 30 day guarantee, but you can adjust depending on your circumstances. Put this front and center on your sales page, and in any emails you send out pitching your site.

Sample content
This one is pretty simple: give out plenty of sample content, whether that’s by making part of the site free to access, sending it out via email, mailing it to them, or using a carrier pigeon. Ok, maybe not those last two.

Social proof
Be diligent about gathering testimonials from existing members (happy ones!), and prominently feature those, as above, on your sales page and in emails.

Public discussion forums
This one isn’t for everyone, but it can be insanely effective when done right. If you have a discussion forum for your members (you do, right?), consider making all or part of it publicly visible. I don’t recommend allowing public registration & posting, but having some or all of it publicly visible can essentially give people a taste of what they’re missing. It’s a way of letting them see the “real thing”, rather than having to trust your sales pitch.