We’re Travis and Amanda Northcutt. We work with membership sites of all shapes and sizes and have a long track record of success in helping people plan, grow, optimize, and scale their memberships.

Amanda was the Director of Sales for a multi million dollar membership site for 10 years. She took an early retirement to refocus her life and pack her family up to start traveling full time in 2015 before joining Travis at Member Up. When Amanda started working for the aforementioned membership site, it was grossing less than 6 figures annually. She played a key role in increasing revenue by more than 40x.

Travis has specialized in the membership space for over 5 years now. He started out building membership sites for clients, and has evolved into providing strategic input on all areas of running a membership site.

We traveled the world full time for a few years, and just recently settled down in Fort Collins, Colorado. You can learn more about our crazy life on our personal blog:

We believe in entrepreneurship and making your financial goals align with your lifestyle goals. We’re a living, breathing example of this.