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What Exactly is a Membership Site?

‘Membership site’ is a term that is getting used more and more often these days, but there is still some confusion about what actually constitutes a membership site.

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How to Compete With Free

You could make some pretty good money if weren't for all of the free articles, videos, webinars and cheap alternatives hogging your audience's attention, right?

Let's talk about how you survive the never ending competition of Free and Cheap.

Anatomy of the Perfect Hobby Business

So let's say you could snap your fingers and magically create the dream business around your hobby. Set aside time constraints and budgets for a minute. What would be the different traits it would need to have to make it ultra-profitable, fast growing, and sustainable for the long-term? What would it need for you to make a great living off of it for 5, 10 or even 20 years?

Find Quick Wins Just By Having the Courage to Ask

The fear of being too pushy or coming across as a greasy salesman to your customers has you very tentative to ask them to spend money with you. It's always smart to walk that line carefully, but there are a lot of opportunities that you're missing out on by letting that fear paralyze even the small decisions.

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