Let us show you exactly how to improve your sales process for getting new members

Here’s what you get with the Blueprint

  • A kickoff call where we will review the business outcomes you’re targeting for your membership products and discuss the different options to help you get there.
  • A teardown of your sales funnel. we’ll provide a full analysis (just like this one) with screenshots of all sorts of places your current sales funnel falls down – and provide some suggestions for how to improve them.
  • A bunch of actionable insights for improving. We hand this over as a written report that you can take today and use to improve your process.
  • A call to present the document, allowing you to ask any and all questions about our recommendations or implementation.

The benefits that our clients have experienced with the blueprint are:

  • You end up with a game plan that provides clear direction and helps you avoid spinning your wheels and wasting your time and money ineffectively.
  • We get to know each other on a professional level and you get to see what it’s like to work with us without any big financial commitments.
  • We begin bridging the gap between the outcomes you have in your head (more traffic, more sales, increased revenue, better image) and what you need implemented.
  • You walk away with a handful of radically new ideas — as a result of us working together — that will give you concrete direction on how to reach your goals.
  • We begin to understand your business — and what the stakes are of this project failing.

Once we complete the kickoff call and take some time to evaluate the different areas of your business, we’ll deliver a report to you that summarizes the major takeaways. It includes a written outline with our insight and expertise on the best options moving forward.

We can either explore the option of us helping execute that game plan for you or you can take the report and shop it around with other consultants. It’s yours to keep.

We packaged up a case study on how this service played out for one of our clients. It’s included at the end of this document and it will give you a pretty raw perspective of what this would look like for you.

We are currently accepting new applicants

If you’re interested in us putting together a game plan for growing your membership product, you should apply here. Once we have a better understanding of where you’re at, we will schedule a time to meet over the phone/Skype together to get some preliminary information and give you some space to ask any questions that are on your mind.

Not quite ready to take the plunge on this? We completely understand. If you’re not already familiar with our philosophies on growing a membership product, diving into a project like this would be a bit premature. A great start into getting the benefit of our expertise is to:

If, quite frankly, the biggest thing holding you back is the uncertainty of whether we are worth your trust and hard-earned money, the three options mentioned above are a dirt cheap way to find out. We’ve even put together a short briefing on what it’s like to work with us and what results to expect.

A Blueprint Case Study

What we set out to accomplish

In this project, the client (an online video training platform) was looking to improve sales within their current funnel. It broke down like this:

  1. Visitors come to their site from organic search and high traffic referrals to some of their free video tutorials
  2. They then have the option of creating a free account to explore some of the learning features in the program or sign up for a premium membership
  3. Free accounts are eventually prompted after 7 days to start a free trial of the premium membership

We began by looking at how to increase the rate at which visitors create a free account. From the free account, leads are then moved to a trial period for the premium membership.

Normally we would start by first improving the conversion rate around becoming a paid member. That way increasing conversions on the earlier stages of the funnel are that much more impactful (plug the leaks before trying to fill the bucket more). However, we saw several quick wins around the free account signups that could be quickly implemented. So it made sense to get those changes made right away.

How it played out

After delivering the blueprint to the client, they decided to move forward with the suggestions immediately. The biggest change was to create a more direct path for visitors, requiring that they create a free account in order to view any free video tutorials.

Before the report, visitors were given a lot of open space to explore the library without having to create an account. As we looked closer at the process, it became clear that the free account was rarely considered and didn’t offer much value.

We noticed very high engagement numbers for the people who did create a free account and who were going through the free trial period – most of them were returning to the site a lot and watched several videos during each session. Because of that, we felt the interest in the content was high enough that they were in a good position to make the sales funnel more restrictive by requiring a free account.

The initial results

Priority 1: ​Change signup flow to prioritize creating free accounts

  • Launched new onboarding flow for new users, making learning flows free to join by all users
  • Deployed 5.6, which locked videos to free accounts and improves signup flows

Results show that accounts created jumped up +285%, which also pulled up upgrades to free trial (+550%), and joining a flow (+743%) [reported in MixPanel over 30 day period – 9/7-10/6]

90 day growth report
90 day growth report

And then what?

After completing the blueprint phase, the client brought us on for a 3 month commitment to:

  • Help implement the recommendations from our report
  • Proactively look at their sales process and their product to see where more growth can happen
  • Create a better tracking system around user actions and important metrics that their team can refer back to when rolling out new features or ideas
  • Begin improving the lifetime value of paid members

We work with them on a weekly basis to make progress on those goals and we plan to re-evaluate what’s needed after the 3 months is up.

You can view the growth report we delivered to the client on the next page (any sensitive information about the client has been taken out).

How we fit in to helping your business grow

If you’re interested in working with us or would like access to our latest strategies, here are those links for you again:

We are excited at the chance to help you grow your business!

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