Conquering a rock garden

This was originally sent to my email list on June 29, 2017.

Today, we’re talking about timing the pitch for an upsell.

But first, a little story of sorts.

I travel full time, with my wife and son. Right now, … Read the rest

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Should you use physical mail?

In a recent email to my list I ragged on physical mail a bit, which prompted reader Nathan Lippi to respond:

It’s actually been shown that younger people / millennials are more likely to respond positively to direct mail. This

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How to Research Your Market In a 2-hour Coffee Shop Sitting

Learning how to compete in your industry (and especially against all of the free resources out there) has to start with knowing your market. I’m going to share four methods to doing your own market research that you can do in a two-hour sitting at your favorite coffee shop.Read More