How to foster a culture of open feedback in your membership business

Member feedback is vital to a membership site for two reasons:

  • It gives you a perspective outside your own on what things are good, and what things need improving, in your offering.
  • It helps to establish an emotional bond between you and your members, which ultimately helps reduce churn.

Here’s a quick outline of how I’d go about fostering a culture where members feel comfortable giving you direct and honest feedback:

  • Directly solicit feedback
    • surveys
    • emails
    • forum topics
  • React positively to feedback
    • Privately thank the member providing it
    • Publicly thank the member providing it, and demonstrate your grateful reaction. Emphasize you welcome this kind of feedback, and that even if you don’t make an immediate change based on it, you’ll always listen and you keep track of suggestions, problems, etc. for later action.
  • Be as active as possible in your own community
    • If people are used to discussing other things with you, they’re far more likely to also discuss the good and bad of your offering with you.

Do members of your site give feedback (good and bad) about your site?

If not, are there things from this outline you could try? Shoot me an email; I’d love to know.

If yes, which of these methods – or which methods not on this list – are you using?