How to borrow an audience

In a recent post I told you not to use advertising to grow your audience. Instead, I told you to borrow other peoples’ audiences to grow your own.

The three best ways to borrow someone else’s audience to grow your own:

  1. Guest blog posts
  2. Guest spots on podcasts
  3. Joint webinars

Those are fairly self-explanatory so I won’t go into a ton of detail – but if you’re not sure where to start with them, shoot me an email, and I’ll happily give you some personalized help (and share your question with my list, if you approve).

The one thing I’ll emphasize, that I think plenty of people gloss over or miss entirely:

When you’re borrowing an audience, you need a compelling reason for that audience to join your list.

And as I mentioned a few days ago, “get my newsletter!” is not a compelling reason.

For guest posts, guest spots on podcasts, and joint webinars, your best bet is a strong lead magnet, ideally customized to the audience you’re in front of. That doesn’t mean you need to start from scratch each time. Just think about ways you can tweak your existing lead magnet to target that specific audience, and create a landing page specific to that audience on your site.