How do you rescue members who are about to cancel?

An anonymous reader on my email list asked: How do I rescue members who are about to cancel?

Great question! First off, you’ll need to know they’re about to cancel. MemberScore is built specifically to solve that problem.

Second: it’s vital that you catch them before it’s too late. If someone is completely disengaged and hasn’t been visiting your site in months, it’s going to be hard to reel them back in. But it doesn’t hurt to try!

Here are two strategies to use.

1) Email is your friend: send several spaced out over several days or weeks. Send links to recent/popular content in your forums (if applicable), popular content, offers to help them out personally, etc.

If that doesn’t work:

2) Offer a downsell: having a member paying something is better than nothing. Offer them the option to switch to a lower tier subscription; perhaps they’re just busy and don’t have time to take full advantage of their membership. A “light” option can be the solution here.