Introducing MemberScore, an engagement tracking and reporting tool for membership sites
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No more spending your time on functionality problems and struggling with how to make Restrict Content Pro work the way you want it to.

Whether you are just getting started, need new features added or are just wanting to see more signups, we will get your site working just like you need it to and save you a lot of time, frustration, and cash in your pocket.

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Just ask these folks

chris lema“I get calls every single week asking who I could recommend for a membership site. Michael and Travis at Member Up are in my short list every time. They know their stuff.”

– Chris Lema, CTO at Crowd Favorite



jwilliamson“Initially, I wasn’t really sure impact your work would have and what specific tactics you’d bring to the table. A second and third set of eyes that were unbiased to our design and past decisions was incredibly valuable. In particular, the fresh take on user introductions and lifecycle campaigns very worthwhile. It’s very easy to dig our own rut without realizing it, so a new angle was very refreshing.

The fresh input on communication and signup funnels was a favorite. Just simple things, like allowing free users to mentally commit more to the product was something we had not thought of and yet has greatly increased our signup rates.”

– Jonathan Williamson, CG Cookie


“Michael and Travis quickly comprehended our business requirements and developed a plugin to support our unique needs. The quality of the programming was good, and when we found an issue, they promptly found the root cause and delivered a fix. Subsequently, we had an enhancement to the base plugin, and they delivered the new version within the same day! It’s nice to work with partners like Member Up.”

– Roy Tucker, SmartWithTech

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With every project we work on, we start by finding out what you are selling and who the customers are that you’re selling to. We want to know what problems are standing in your way and pin point the different areas where we can help lift revenue.

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Psst: do you use Restrict Content Pro, and Drip as your email provider (or want to)? Check out our plugin which integrates RCP and Drip, allowing you to do all sorts of snazzy automation in Drip, such as:

  • sending an onboarding campaign specific to each subscription level
  • sending check-in/engagement boosting emails periodically based on a member’s join date
  • sending re-join offers to people who have previously cancelled a membership

Curious about what it’s like to work with us and what results you can expect?

We do have a short packet that goes out to new clients that covers a lot of those details. You are welcome to look through that.