Coaching sessions

These coaching sessions are designed with your needs, time constraints, and budget in mind. Each session is 90 minutes in length, and we run them with maximum efficiency and impact for your membership. 90 minutes is enough time to tackle one, massive glaring problem, or 3-5 areas that need a second set of eyes and steps on how to move forward in a way that will improve your bottom line.

Book a pack of 1, 2, or 3 sessions with us and here’s what you get:

  • A 15 minute prep call (can also be done via email) to learn about your membership site and set the agenda for the call(s).
  • We will prep for 30 additional minutes prior to each session for maximum efficiency during the call.
  • Each call is 90 minutes long and scheduled at a time that’s convenient for you. Yes, that includes nights and weekends if that’s best for you.
  • We send a summary of the call via email, a list of key takeaways as well as action items, and include answers to any questions that may have come up on the call that warranted further research on our part.
  • One round of email exchange is also included to answer any clarification questions or address any questions that came up after the call ended.
  • Here are some examples of what we can help you with during a coaching session:
    • Planning a membership
    • Planning or assessing your tools & technology
    • KPIs (key performance indicators/metrics you should be tracking)
    • Systems creation and implementation for every area of your membership business
    • Marketing for maximum cLTV (customer lifetime value), including social strategies
    • Lead nurturing
    • Sales
    • Onboarding
    • Retention & customer success
    • Upselling and maximizing cLTV
    • Churn
    • New potential revenue streams
    • Content creation & management
    • Goal setting and how to get from here to there
    • Exit strategies
    • Personnel: hiring, firing, and everything in between

Here’s what one client had to say

At first I wasn’t sure if working with Member Up would be the right move – I’m extremely busy with my membership launch coming up, and frankly, was hesitant about spending so much on consulting.

But, Travis and Amanda are both total pros. They obviously know the membership space well, and more than that were super present with me on each of our phone calls. They listened very well to my questions, clarified the big points, made sure I knew exactly what I needed, and then filled in the blanks very well. I love working with people who “know their stuff” AND are great to work with!

They were able to structure a short term engagement that helped me nail the biggest open questions I had around my offering, content structure, tech issues, and generally helped me make sure I was on track to succeed. I was also impressed with their initiative to bring up & research additional questions I hadn’t previously considered.

I would definitely recommend them to others working on memberships, and I’m sure I’ll be calling on them again for additional help as needed.

Sonia Stringer
Business Academy for Women


Coaching sessions are priced at $1500, $2750, or $3500 for 1, 2, or 3 sessions of up to 90 minutes each.

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