Six month intensive

Together, we will take a deep dive into completely assessing and optimizing your membership site from the top of your funnel to solving your churn problem and everything in between.

This engagement is broken up into three phases: discovery, recommendations, and ongoing consultation.

First, we listen. We learn about you, your history, your site, your roadblocks, your strengths, your goals, and everything in between. The whole enchilada.

Then we go to work for you.

Following our intensive research and discovery phase, you will receive the most comprehensive assessment and recommendations for reaching your specific site goals you’ve ever been given. Our recommendations are based on top industry standards and our 15+ years of experience in helping membership site owners make lots of dollars.

You have constant access to us for 6 months. We’re here every step of the way to help you reach your goals.

We deliver our comprehensive recommendations within the first month of the engagement, make a plan with you to execute the changes you want to make, and we stick around to see if through with you.

If you’re not satisfied with your results, we’ll refund your money.

At the end of our 6 month engagement, you will be able to move forward in your business with confidence and peace of mind that you are on track for growth and sustainability for the long haul.

Money back guarantee

If at the end of our time working together on a six month engagement you’re not 100% satisfied, we’ll give you a full refund.

Process details for 6 month intensive:

This engagement is broken up into three phases: discovery, recommendations, and ongoing consultation.


  • We’ll set your site up on MemberScore, our engagement tracking and churn reduction app. We do this first so it can begin collecting data immediately and become useful as soon as possible. MemberScore uses page views on site, posting your forums, and opens and clicks on emails to construct a comprehensive picture of each member’s engagement.
  • You fill out a comprehensive questionnaire on our site. This collects a large chunk of the initial information we need to begin planning our recommendations. The questionnaire focuses on objective/factual things (e.g. metrics, history of your site, etc.).
  • Following the questionnaire, we’ll conduct a phone interview to collect more information. This will focus on more subjective information best explored through discussion.


  • We’ll deliver our “quick wins” recommendations within the first week after our phone interview. These are the items we’re confident you should begin executing on immediately, which don’t need further investigation or research.
  • We’ll assist you in setting up recommended data gathering/tracking tools – anything needed in addition to MemberScore. Note that any additional tools & services are your responsibility to sign up and pay for. We’ll look at what you’re currently tracking, what holes there are, and what tools might be useful. This includes the basics like Google Analytics, but also more advanced tools such as Baremetrics, Profitwell, ChartMogul, ChurnBuster, Stunning, Mixpanel, etc. Not every site needs every tool, of course.
  • We’ll provide access to a private Slack channel, for ongoing communication & consultation throughout our 6 month engagement. This is an easy, low friction way for you to access us and ask any questions that don’t require significant discussion.
  • We’ll conduct a sales funnel teardown. This is a recorded screencast walking through your site, and evaluating what you’re doing well and what needs improvement in terms of making sales once people are on the site. This includes evaluation of any lead magnets, email sequences, etc.
  • We’ll deliver a comprehensive recommendation packet, by the end of week four (day 1 being our phone interview).
    • This includes recommendations for each area covered in this engagement (see appendix A below). Each area will include an assessment of your current status in that area, our recommendations for improvement, and the rationale behind those recommendations.
    • These recommendations are tailored to your goals, both short and long term. For instance, if you have no interest in hiring a team to help run your business, we’ll make recommendations that are achievable for an independent site owner. These recommendations are also prioritized based on what we learn in the discovery phase. We’ll focus the most on areas where there’s the most potential benefit, and where there’s the most room for improvement.
    • Following delivery of the recommendation packet, we’ll conduct a phone call to discuss what’s included, an implementation plan, any assistance you need to implement the recommendations, etc. This will also include setting a timeline for implementing the recommendations and planning how to execute them.
  • Note that this package does not include any development work. However, any development projects required can be quoted separately or referred to other agencies if desired.

Ongoing consultation

  • We’ll hold monthly strategy calls. The first of these (after one month) will include a walk through of our comprehensive recommendations packet. We will address all of your questions and make a plan with you for accomplishing what we’ve recommended in the packet. We will also cover the data collected by MemberScore and will include a walk through of the app, how to use it, recommendations based on the data, etc. We’ll continue to revisit MemberScore each month as more data is collected. The following monthly calls will focus on progress toward our agreed upon timeline and goals, any questions that come up along the way, any changes to the plan needed, etc.
  • Our primary role following the first month of our engagement is to provide accountability and guidance after delivery of the recommendation packet.
  • Copywriting services for email sequences, etc. are outside the scope of this engagement, but if needed can be referred to other service providers.

Appendix A – areas covered in recommendations packet

  • Tech & tools assessment
  • Conversion rates
  • Onboarding
  • Member engagement
  • Churn rate
  • Customer lifetime value
  • Customer success
  • Your vision for your business
  • Your strengths and roadblocks
  • Challenges specific to your membership site
  • UI and UX
  • KPI assessment
  • New potential revenue streams
  • Surveying your current members
  • Content creation and management
  • Reactivation campaigns for churned members

Money back guarantee

If at the end of our time working together you’re not 100% satisfied, we’ll give you a full refund.

Cost: $25,000

How much time do I have to commit to this?

The first week of our engagement you can expect to commit between 3 and 6 hours to our discovery process. We begin with a questionnaire that can be completed via email, then have 1-3 phone calls to gather additional information from you.

You can expect us to spend 30+ hours gathering data and putting together our initial recommendation packet and sales funnel teardown after we get the questionnaire back from you and conduct our phone initial phone interviews. The initial recommendations packet and sales funnel teardown video will be delivered at the end of week 2.

Weeks 2-5: plan on setting aside 2-3 hours per week to work directly with us and begin to implement our recommendations on your end.

Weeks 6-24: Your time commitment will vary depending the plan we formulate with you to optimize your membership site.

Phone calls and emails beyond the discovery phase will be staggered throughout the remainder of the 6 months on both a scheduled and an as-needed basis.

What if I’m still concerned about the time commitment?

We are willing to do collaborative work with you after hours and on weekends to suit your schedule. Schedule a call or email us. We’ll look at your unique situation and needs and see if there’s a solution to be had.

Take the next step

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